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Monday, 25 May 2015

Birthday Boy Wishlist

It's G's birthday coming up in June and he'll be entering his late twenties. Luckily G is one of those people who has around 5 different hobbies so there is always something I can get him. Unfortunately, every hobby is really pricey and not so kind on my bank balance. Sob.

I thought I would put together what I'm getting him, which he hopefully won't read, to see what you guys think or if you need a little inspiration for a birthday coming up.

Left to Right - 1. Talisman - £38.78 2. Loot Crate £18 per month 3. Kalamazoo - £6.50 4. Apple Watch - £299 5. Old English Company Art - £16

When I mentioned previously that G is a huge geek; I really mean it. One of my friend's introduced us to Talisman, an awesome fantasy board game where you battle with other characters to win the Crown of Command. It's a really cool game and G adores it. Talisman has a number of different expansion packs too so each game can be different. Every pay day G treats himself to one and he's asked a lot of people for different packs for his birthday. So if you have a geeky other half and wanting to try a different type of board game, I highly recommend this one.

In the middle of the month, G gets super jealous when my GlossyBox comes. I've been hunting around the internet for a similar service for him and I've found the perfect thing: Loot Crate. Loot Crate is the gaming/film buff/male version of the beauty box subsciption service. It's a bit pricier than what I pay for Glossybox and each crate has $40 worth of items. Like Glossybox, you can pick how long you want to subscribe for. I've decided to subscribe for 3 months at $28 per month (£18.00 roughly) just to see if he likes it as I think some of the items may be hit and miss. Watch out for a review soon once he has his first crate delivered!

G is a bearded boy and has been wanting to me find something so he can maintain his beard. As a lover of Lush, I thought their products would be where we should go. On the Lush website, I found the highly rated Kalamazoo. It apparently smells like a dream and makes the beard and skin super soft. G loves their massage bars so I'm hoping he'll love this too!

Like the majority of people, G adores Apple and we are one of those couples who's every product seems to be Apple and wouldn't dream of using anything else. Last year, I accidentally broke* (smashed so that someone thought I ran over it), G's phone screen and I've never quite been able to repay him for it. Considering he handled it all very well, I've decided to invest in the Apple Watch as G would love it. It does seem like every boy's dream to own one of these bad boys and the more I see them the more I do kind of want one too. I've decided to get the sport one instead of the classic ones, as in reality, who can afford to spend that much when you've got a pooch and house to pay for? As soon as I can play with it myself, I'm gonna be getting a review up on here!

Finally, our final gift is this really cute art work from the Old English Company. I discovered this from Becky Bea's blog post. G generally really really hates quote art work. When we first move into our home, there was a piece of art work that said 'Cappuccino' and he despised it. He hates the plaques that say 'Relax' or 'Bathe' but I found this. G is the biggest lover of pasta and whenever he is a character in a game, he's always a magical one. With this in mind, I think he may make an exception for it. I've also ordered the gin print for our bedroom for me as gin is my favourite drink. I'm going to do another post on our bedroom as I'm trying to do it up at the moment.

So, next weekend I'm off to go and treat him to all his presents. I'm hoping he has a fab birthday and I'm still not sure what we are going to do on the day yet. If you have any ideas or any gift ideas, please let me know!



  1. This sounds like a great idea - if I had a boyfriend I wanted to treat I would definitely consider something like this for him!
    Rebecca | The Two Twenty Somethings

    1. Thanks honey. I'm hoping he likes them! X


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