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Welcome to Fadulous Blog! A blog that offers reviews about every fad that's happening. Twice a week, we give honest reviews on all the products and events featured in our blog. The blog is run by best friends, Neesha and Becky who met at University in Lincoln.

About Becky

I've always loved writing and always loved new trends and fads - it seemed to make perfect sense to create this blog! I'm 24 years old and currently live in the West Midlands with my bearded boyfriend, G and my westie/tibetan terrier cross Rufus. I'm half Northern and I'm a lover of all types of cheese, small terriers and Italian food. I have ridiculous hair that makes me look like Mufasa from The Lion King 99% of the time. You can follow me on Twitter here and on Instagram here

About Neesha 

I am a 24 year old lover of all things fad, especially when it comes in the form of fashion, beauty and culture. I think trying out the latest trends keep me in the 21st century loop of life, I also love voicing my finds to my family and friends so it made perfect sense to start a blog. I love all things beagle (as I am a proud beagle mum) and the usual answers to all my problems is to spend money or sit down for a cuppa with my amazing friends. You can follow me on Instagram here.


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