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Monday, 23 February 2015

Pinterest-ing Up Your Home

I often go to people's homes and look at the way they decorate and just think, 'This is sooo Pinterest' or 'This is sooo Tumblr'. There are wonderful storage ideas, motivational and inspirations quotes on the walls and fairy lights decorated all over the place. They look stunning and it makes me want to turn my abode into a Pinterest home and giving it a good old fresh look. I would love to transform my spare room into a sanctuary and my stairs into a bookcase full of classics but unfortunately, there's only so much I can do without upsetting my landlord and breaking the bank, so I'd thought I'd share my tips on the little things I've done to brighten up the place

Candles, candles and more candles

Candles are an absolute winner when it comes to making a home feel homely. My boyfriend loves them more than me and it nearly turned into World War 3 when he was using my Yankee Candles for his own pleasure. Yankee candles make a beautiful side piece next to some flowers and they smell amazing. However, they can break the bank setting you back £20 for a large jar. For a cheaper alternative, ASDA have a Yankee Candle range here with the most expensive one setting you back £13.

If you don't want to invest in Yankee candles and are a tea light person, like me, having cute tea light holders is the one. I grabbed these clear ones for my dining room for £1.25 from IKEA. The good thing about tea lights is that you can often buy them in bulk. IKEA are my favourite ones and only set me back £1.50 for 100 tealights.

If you're feeling even more crafty, you can even make your own! I made this one from a ramekin and some coffee beans then popped the tealight in. If you're a coffee lover, it smells lovely once the tealight is burning away and livens up a plain tealight.

Wall Art

Pinterest is FULL of wall art with wonderful quotes and sayings on them. Sometimes, it's really refreshing to wake up in the morning and that's the first thing that hits you.

If wall art isn't your thing, photos of your loved ones is another winner and having them all in different frames to mix and match it. It's lovely to keep the photos fresh and new as well as having some golden memories in there. If your not feeling seeing your face, try scouring your local Paperchase for some postcards to add in them. They do some fabulous classic literature covers that I've been eyeing up recently!

If you really want a unique number and wanting to mix things up, you can try the new crafting gem which is washi tape. Washi tape is multi purpose tape which you can pick up in Paperchase or any crafting store. You can make some beautiful frames out of them for your photographs. My friend Smashing Sarah is a pro when it comes to crafting and has created some beautiful things. Check out her Instagram here.


Flowers truly freshen up a home and make your rooms smell wonderful. When I enter someone's home and I can see some flowers, it really makes me relax. I try and pick up a bunch of flowers whenever I go food shopping. I picked up these daffodils in my local Morrisons and they only cost me £1. Although simple, if you team them up with a lovely vase and keep them topped up with water - you're onto a winner!

If you don't want to keep changing your flowers or want a centre piece for a table - artificial flowers are improving and you can pick them up at any homeware store.

Daffodils - £1
Animal Theme

This is my absolute favourite trend going at the moment and even if it wasn't a fad - I'd still be all over it. Every homeware department is getting on the animal themes whether it be dogs, owls, foxes or cats. As an avid scottie/westie lover, my house is crammed full of the critters. When I first moved in to our home, all our house warming gifts were dog related. They really add personality to your house and make the perfect gift for any animal obsessed friend!

Westie Mug
Scottie Spoon Rest
Westie Date

How are you livening up your home this Spring? Is there any Pinterest fads you like the look of?

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  1. Hey sweetie, thankyou for leaving me your link on Twitter :)

    I love these types of posts! Always looking to jazz up my house with pretty features :) x



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