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Sunday, 15 February 2015

BooTea - The Best Product of 2014?

I am forever fighting a losing battle of wanting to look toned against my love of food. Because of this, I’m always ready to jump on the next dieting fad of pretty things that require no effort to make me toned. This is where my friend at work recommended BooTea boasting on the first day she lost 4lbs. As a lover of fruit teas, she gave me her discount code and I decided for £10 it was worth me trying the daytime teatox to see if this actually works.

What does Bootea say it does?

Bootea says it’ll do an intensive clean of your digestive system and feel energised with it’s 100% natural ingredients. It also says it burns calories, transforms food to energy and gets rid of all wanted fat. It sounds fantastic seeing as all you need is to drink one cup in the morning and another every other day before you go to bed. Bootea also recommend their eating plan. Although I looked at it, I couldn’t quite cope with no dairy, meat or alcohol as I have a very fussy boyfriend to feed!

How Bootea made me feel?

The teabags are delicious and come in extremely cute packaging. Their pyramid tea bags look like TeaPigs and you can see all the green goodness in the bags. After the first few days, I felt energised and I got out of bed easier each morning. It also made my skin glow and each day I felt more refreshed to take on the world. I didn’t see a difference on the scales through out the whole 2 weeks though – I usually fluctuate between a few pounds but there was never anything that made me think wow! After the first week, I did begin to feel more and more dehydrated and wasn’t constantly going to the toilet at work. If you do follow it, I would say sit near the loo and do keep drinking. A lot of other reviews also say that the bedtime cleanse causes the laxative effect. Although I didn't suffer from it personally.

Would I buy it again?

I would buy BooTea again as I am the worst person for getting up in the morning and tea gave me the little extra boost I need in the mornings. However, it is £19.99 for the 14 day detox which can be a little pricey if you were to drink it every day. When I do purchase it again, I will be incorporating it with  my gym routine and hoping for better results on the weight loss front.

Have any of you tried Bootea? Let us know how you found it below!

You can buy the BooTea Teatox online or find out more about them here  or follow them on Twitter or Instagram


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