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Saturday, 14 February 2015



 Long time Fad alert!

Even though CND shellac has been around in the beauty market for quite a while I still get people asking:

  • What is it?
  • Does it really last?
  • There are so many versions now, which is the best?

So, I thought I would give you a whistle stop overview of this long standing nail fad as I have been using it since it hit the shelves.

What is it?

CND shellac (the original stuff) nail wear product that is set to last 14 days plus. Fantastic if you are like me and normal nail polish chips within 24 hours. Shellac enables you to have longer nail wear without the harsh effects of gel or nail extensions. In fact the process of Shellac is in between applying normal nail varnish and gel.

How does it work?

Prices tend to range from (£10-£20) at most nail bars/beauticians. Your nails will be prepped for a usual manicure, where they will be filed, buffed and all the works. A clear bottom coat will be applied then dried underneath and UV lamp for approximately 30 seconds. Then, a colour of your choice will be applied. Shellac have a great range of colours which change during to match the different seasons, but the colour range does depend on your beautician and her collection. After the colour a top coat is applied and dried under the UV lamp to seal. Then you are ready to rock as the nails become dry instantly under the UV lamp (no more unexpected smudges or trying to text, praying that you don't make nail contact with your screen). Simple!

When the shellac needs to be removed (in a couple of weeks)  it is taken of with acetone, which is about the harshes part of the process. However if you have a good beauticians (like mine) they should help restore any nail oils lost during removal.

Does it actually last for 14 days? 
In my experience yes! Not only that the Shellac keeps its shine and finish. I get my nails done very 2 weeks, I find my nails are healthy as shellac allows the cuticles to breath and tend to hardly ever chip as they are stronger with Shellac on.

Any other brands? 

I would recommend CND Shellac as it lasts the best for me. I have also tried Gelish (another brand of Shellac) Gelish was still good and they stocked some really lovely pastel and matt colours but it did chip quicker that my normal CND Shellac.


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