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Saturday, 14 February 2015

Super Bowl

Just recently this American sport has been a the latest sporting fad here in England. Advertising has been all over Channel 4 and the guys have been talking about it non-stop. It's really starting to catch on! So I decided to brave it, get some people over and watch a game.

It is basically just a version of sport in between football and rugby, except with excessively padded shoulders. The game was OK, we watched the Seattle Seahawks vs Arizonian Cardinals, but despite having the rules explained to me (twice) within 15 minutes in I was pretty uninterested. Infact, I just spent my time more interested in the Doritos I put out in sharing bowls. The guys got quite excited about it, whilst, us girls stood around hoping that this wasn't going to become a new sport obsession for the boyfriends.

The only positive is the cute Jerseys from ASOS that I bought to watch the game in, they looked ace with knee high socks and boots.

Yes to the cute Jerseys (which I intend to wear lots in the summer) but sadly no to the American football fad, us girls already have enough sport to deal with let alone anything else from our American counterparts.


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