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Thursday, 19 February 2015


Last week, I was one of the very lucky ones who ventured off to London for the Sky Atlantic Game of Thrones Exhibit being held at the O2. Being an avid 'Game of Thrones' fan, it was a truly incredible and fun filled day.

Sky Atlantic released the tickets at the end of January and it was a nightmare trying to get them. I was ready to throw my work computer across the office with each unsuccessful attempt. Luckily, G kept trying to managed to bag us two tickets for the exhibition. With a few cheap train tickets and declaring our allegiance to a house; we were on our way!

We booked at 4pm time slot so it was quite late in the afternoon. There were a few cosplayers hanging around the O2 who you could grab a few snaps with to pass the time. Once we were in, it was full of costumes and props from the series. We saw the dragon eggs, Arya's sword 'Needle' and I even resisted the urge not to run off with Jon Snow's costume on the wall.

One of the coolest things at the Exhibit was the amount of CGI photo opportunities there was. When you registered, Sky gave you a code which you needed to give to the staff after you queued. You could be burnt by a dragon and be turned into a White Walker. The photos are fab and you could access them on your phone a few minutes after they'd been taken.

We had a fabulous day. I finally got to sit on the throne and feel like a true Lannister. It was a must for any true fan. Although tickets are no longer available it's worth checking the Sky Atlantic twitter feed incase another one of these gems turn up. You can catch Game of Thrones Series 5 on Sky Atlantic at 9pm.


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