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Friday, 6 March 2015

Mother's Day

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Mothering Sunday is fast approaching and we've all got to think about what to get the ladies in our lives to show how much we love and appreciate them. We've put together our ideas on what we'd get our Mum's and hopefully give you some inspiration too

Becky's Practical Mum

My Mum is a very practical lady - she's spends her annual leave doing up the house, unless she's on the beach, and always has a project on the go. She always asks for practical bits and bobs for Mothering Sunday or her birthday if she wants something. However practical she is, she is my favourite lady in my life and one of my best friends so she does deserve something special. I've made a little wishlist of what I would want to get her.

1. Flowers - £35.95
2. Laura Ashley Bird Bath - £30.00
5. Kindle Case - £24.97

Pandora is the biggest jewellery fad going. My Mum has already got a necklace and a bracelet full of charms. Pandora do have a Mother's Day range of charms but this beauty of a ring caught my eye after seeing one of my friend's. It's definitely what I'm getting my Mum so it's a winner. 

As my Mum is the most practical lady, she's been after this Karcher Window Kit forever. I have no idea why she loves it but she does and if that's what she wants - she'll have it! I don' think you can go wrong with flowers either. Flowers are one of my favourite things and are such a sweet and sentimental gesture. My Mum's favourite flowers are lillies so this bouquet is the one.

I've also added these fab Kindle cases from Not On The High Street. My Mum is an avid book reader like me and she's one of the main reason on why I love reading so much. I think these cases are so different yet so bright and colourful that it'd be even more of a pleasure to read. It also keeps your Kindle safe from getting scratched in your bag. My personal favourite is the Jungle Book one but I'd probably go for Pride and Prejudice for my Mum. Finally, I've added this bird bath from Laura Ashley - my Mum is a gardening lady and her garden is her biggest project yet. The garden is full of bird feeders and she loves watching them so this gem would be a fab edition.

Neesha's Busy- Bee Mum

My mum is a nurse- she loves her job however it does mean she works every hour possible, including nights shifts and 12 hour days. In fact I'm pretty sure there has been talk of her working this Mothering Sunday.So when it comes to gifts I  like to pamper her and give her a sense of relaxation (whenever she can find the time). Here is my wishlist of gifts for my amazing busy bee mum. 

I've started my wish list with something that is at the top of my mum's list after a busy shift, wine. Usually I buy her a bottle of her favorite white, but this year I've spotted this personalized wine glass at Not On The High Street. The glass shows measures, small glass-large glass - mum sized glass of wine. Just a cheeky twist on the traditional!

Next is the Karma range from Lush. This is a winner each year for my mum, the Karma range has a very distinctive citrus smell, mixed with orange and lemongrass. With all those zingy yet natural smells combined as soon as you have a whiff it calms the soul! I buy the solid perfume as its compact so my mum can take it to work for this extra stressful days. 

A good nights sleep is essential for my mum and I find she loves Sanctuary products so the next product is a 2-in-1 Winner. The packaging is also very cute and the set includes a bath float,body polish, body oil, body butter. 

Next is the Dobbies Gift Hamper, I am hoping that every Dobbies store offers this service, the hamper means that you can choose whatever you want from Dobbies food hall, buy a hamper to put it in for £8.50 and the lovely Dobbies staff wrap it all up for you and make it look beautiful. This year I have packed my mums full of her favorite coffee beans, sweets and fair trade chocolate. I usually spend around £20 in total, its just a bit different from a box of chocolates and much more personal. 

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