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Monday, 2 March 2015

Miss Patisserie Bath Bakes

Whilst browsing for birthday presents for one of my friend's, I stumbled across this little beauty lurking in Tesco. When I first saw it, I was genuinely confused on why it was in the beauty section when it was a cake but I soon discovered it was bath bomb complete with an exfoliator.

Miss Patisserie is a high end beauty company which doesn't test on animals. It sells lovely beauty products and gifts which are all about relaxing and pampering yourself. I decided to treat myself and picked up Sugar Heart. It smelt beautifully sweet and as if I was about to indulge in a cupcake. The packaging also screams luxury. Each bake comes in it's own individual box, like a cupcake, which means it makes a fabulous for a gift for a bath lover friend or relative.

When you take off the cupcake case (like a real cupcake!!) you see the bomb underneath and top (the frosting/icing) is the exfoliator. The bomb takes a few minutes to fizz and it turned the water a lovely dusty pink. It isn't as vibrant as a Lush bath bomb but they are half the size of them. My bath smelt like a sea of sweets and my skin felt wonderfully soft afterwards. I coudn't really try the exfoliator to it's full potential as I don't generally suffer with dry skin, however it smelt just as beautiful as the bath. It's super useful that it lasts a number of baths and you can pop it back in your box until your next soak.

I'm a fuss pot when it comes to bath bombs. I hate them with glitter and it does not relax me in the slightest when I see specs of glitter floating around. I genuinely don't feel clean and worry that I'll look like a vampire out of Twilight. Luckily, I couldn't see any signs of sparkles in this bomb which is a winner for me. I generally would like a brighter coloured bath with a bath bomb so next time, I will give their choice of bath balls a go. However, for a gift idea and for the cute packaging, this was a complete winner.

You can find Miss Pattiserie on Twitter here or their website here



  1. wow these look amazing!


  2. They are so cute and I couldn't get over the smell. I need to get my hands on their bath balls as I reckon they'll be even better! xx


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