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Sunday, 1 March 2015


Calling all of our blogging friends - you all want to get involved in this!

Our lovely fellow blogger, Adele has decided to set up the Spring Gift Swap. We're all feeling a bit down after Christmas as it is out the way and there's not many things to look forward too unless you're one of the lucky ones and has their summer holiday booked. 

The #SpringGiftSwap allows bloggers to connect and all receive a little bit of happiness with an element of surprise through the post. It doesn't have to be beauty orientated so any blogger can join in! We can't wait to get involved and it's one of our favourite things is buying presents.

If you want to get involved, you can read Adele's post here or tweet her. She's a lovely lady and will happily answer your questions.

Drop us a comment if you're getting involved or any thoughts on what we can send our blogging friends 



  1. That sounds like a lovely thing to do :) I'm doing a more private swap with a fellow blogger at the moment otherwise I'd get involved. Maybe next time I will have to do a bigger one!
    Lauren :) x

  2. I think it's a cute way to get to know the community. You should definitely get involved next time if she does another one! xxx


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