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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Fadulous Diary: Chasing the Spanish Sun

Paradise - El Arenal 

Chasing the sun is something I am very keen to do at any time of the year, this Easter was no different. Myself and a friend (Bexs) decided to book spontaneous holiday, our criteria was simple:

  • Some where hot
  • Some where cheap
  • Some where lively 
Before we knew it the holiday was booked, Ray Bans and bikinis packed, we were of for 5 days to Majorca, El Arenal, Spain!  While away, I decided to keep a diary/ blog about all of our Spanish adventures, in the hope that you also would be inspired or reminded of all those amasing adventures chasing the sun. Enjoy!

Day 1
Excited at the Airport
Stansted Traffic 

We awake at 3 am, not really aware of the time, it doesn't really matter as we are going on holiday! Hair and teeth brushed, make up on (to a fashion) and before we know it we are  on the way to our Stansted Airport London. However the day starts with fire. A car on the A14 had caught fire meaning tail backs for miles. This of course leads to mass mass panic between us in the Ford Fiesta, not to mention every other person running down the motorway. Yes you read correctly, people running the last 2.4 miles to the airport for a moment we thought we were in a scene from a apocalyptic film. Our holiday adventure has not started well.  Luckily within 55 minutes normality was resumed burning car moved and we drove on towards our long awaited destination. Good job we has left that little bit early! Although it had seemed the rest of the journey would pan out smoothly, we were in for a treat. We had boarded our flight, we had (in true neesha and bexs style) made friends with the nurse lady sitting next to us and finally we came into our decent into Palma, Spain. However during the decent strong winds battered the plane from the north shacking and rocking the plane.  Three woman were sick as this decent carried on for approx 20 mintues. I couldn't help but think that we had been placed in this seat for a reason. The lady was a nurse and she kind of  became our surrogate mum for the rest of the landing. Once we had arrived at hotel, of which Bexs was slightly disappointed at it lack of orangeness, we took a walk along the extremely windy beach. After a few hours our prayers were answered the sun came out, so we spent the rest of the day at the pool basking in the glory that is Spanish sun. 
Day 2
View from hotel room 
Beach in El Arenal
We awoke to the beautiful Spanish sun, without heavy winds. Woop sunshine woop. And the realisation that Bexs deciding to keep her leggings on while on the beach, as it was a tad windy, had led to her having awoken with the funniest ankle tan lines! The day had started well. We skipped to breakfast Like starving lion cubs, we stuffed our faces with delicious breakfast meats, cheese, bread, eggs and the slightly healthier option of fresh yogurt. Nom nom nom! Without hesitation, we soon got ourselves ready (appropriate attire and sun creamed to the max) to hit the beach. We loved life in the lush sunshine although couldn't man up enough to face the sea yet. Maybe tomorrow!? Unsurprisingly,  after a few hours, our stomachs agreed our next plan by rumbling in hunger and demanding more nommy food! So we headed back to the hotel for our next dosage of overeating! When finished we headed to the pool to catch some rays. Bex was happy that her brankles (brown ankles) were slowly starting to merge unnoticeable with the rest of her tan! We finally braved the ice cold pool, I made it just over her bum and crazy Bex managed to get the shoulders under, much to the amusement of others around who looked by in shock at our craziness! The rest of the day/ evening spent taking full advantage of the hotels all inclusive wine and cocktail list. 
Day 3
Nutella and Hot Chocolate
Spanish Coffee Shop 
It was cold in Palma
Beautiful streets of Palma 
We awoke, slightly hung over and sadly drawing back the curtains to fin overcast and cloudy El Arenal .So we decided to catch the number 23 bus to Palma. We stepped of the bus into Majorcan city life, busy busy beautiful Spanish streets, packed with shops and people. Ever city girls dream! First (of course) on the agenda shopping. Our favorite of all shops Stratervrious, basically a spanish H&M. With our purses empty but shopping bags full to the brim we found ourselves in the cutest Spanish coffee shop ever noming on hot chocolate and nutella filled pastries.  Of course we also gave a good go at trying to decode the spanish newspaper while to look as cultured as possible. Of to live in Palma anyone? As lunch time came ever closer we hopped back onto the bus heading for the restaurant in the hotel. After lunch we spent the rest of the day chilling playing cards by the beach
Holiday Essentials 

Day 3: Night  After a lazy afternoon we were super on it ready to have a crazy alcohol filled evening... did we disappoint? Hell no!!! After stuffing our faces (again) we headed to our trusty evening table and got the drinks and games flowing! I repeatedly made the short trip to the bar to flutter her eyelashes at the barman who made us his 'Rudolfo special', a highly alcoholic beverage containing many many spirits. As well as keeping the shots coming! A couple of hours later, and with drunken courage, I befriended a lush Mexican girl and guy who were the sweetest people ever! Soon we were sat chatting and loving life together when a couple of Spanish lads came to join the ever growing group followed by our German Rasta friend! A few more drinks later we decided to hit the town and see what El Arenal had to offer! We ended up in an amaze bar with banging music and some super fit and friendly topless barmen!  We danced lots and drank lots... exactly what we wanted from our eve! We learnt the Spanish way of drinking shots which involves touching the shot glass on the floor before downing... sounds simple but 10 shots later it got slightly messy! The night came to an epic end when I crashed asleep causing Bexs to be locked out and spend the night with her dancing friends! Well El Arenal you certainly didn't disappoint... certainly an amaze night full of shots shots dancing and more!!!!
Day 4: The day after the night before
The day started (at approx 11 am) with a very hung over us. We braved the Spanish sun light on our balcony although we felt a lot like vampires in direct sun. By about 1, we were a little more alive, after liters of water and a good old pick me up shower.  We went for lunch, with the intention of hitting the beach, but due to the not so lovely weather we went to the shop, bought crisps and nomed the day away. Turns out hangovers in the Spain are extremely similar to a hangover back in the UK.
What was to happen next no one could have preidcted but was set to change our opions and views on men forever. But before we go into detail let us inform you on how this particular event came to be.......

On this particular week in EL Arenal there just so happened to be a sailing regatta (sailing competition) involving fit sailing men form all over the world. Just so happens that happened to be staying in our humble little hotel. Two in particular we have clocked on day 1 over lunch. Two men that could only be described as greek gods (who were learnt were actually Croatia and Italian Gods). We had kept the  cheeky looks and casual glances going over dinner all week, but with little else. So we convinced ourselves that it was all a little to good to be true.
So now you are aware of the back story, we finished dinner and found ourselves in our usual chairs in hotel lounge playing cards. The next thing we know our two gods sat adjacent to us on the sofas to us 
Gods: "You play cards a lot and drank a lots last night"
Us: "Yes, yes we did"
Us in our heads: oooo gosh they think we are drunken hooligans, who love playing boring card games"
Gods: " Can we play cards to?"
Us: Yes of course.
Us in our heads: " yes bloody hell yes"
From that simplest of conversations we were then sat teaching the god like sailors to play go fish and shit head. Turns out the spend their lives travelling around the world, competing at an Olympic level. Yes you read correctly, not only were they beautiful beautiful men they were set to compete in the Olympics.
From there the evening progressed into going out for drinks at this cute Spanish bar. Talking the time away. It fair to say that this isn't the usual way we were used to spending our evenings but it was for sure one of the best night s in the adventures of Neesha and Bexs. Even god number 2 said it was such as shame we hadn't met earlier. He simple had no idea how true that statement was.
Sadly the night had to end early as the y were competing in the morning.  European style kisses (sadly only on the cheeks) were given, goodbyes said, as they walked away into the lift.  We were left to contemplate, over more cocktails,  the goings on of that life changing events in that heavenly evening.


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  1. That is so cool that you met those Olympic sailors! A definite shame that you didn't get to speak to them before though!


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