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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Game of Thrones Season 5

If there's one thing that people know me is that I have the biggest Game of Thrones obsession going. I'm completely obsessed and I know I'm not the only one who loves Westeros and Jon Snow. As it's becoming one of the best TV (I would argue the best) shows around, I thought I'd compile this little list together

You know you love Game of Thrones too much when:

  1. You only class people as 'real' fans when they have also read the books. When you do meet these rare people, you express your concerns about George R R Martin's weight and the fact Winds of Winter STILL hasn't been released.
  2. Once you've plead your alligence to a house, you go out and buy all the things with their sigil and house words on.
  3. You own the Game of Thrones board game and you've inflicted it on that many people that they start avoid coming round your house. They are getting really fed up of a 30 minute catch up with a cup of tea turning into 4 hours of brutal warfare.
  4. When people mention how distraught they were when they watched The Red Wedding, you remind them that you kept it quiet for years and how George killed them all in one paragraph. You even had to read it multiple times to process the information so don't even go there!
  5. You try and turn your dog into a direwolf but he'll never be that obedient or fluffy.
  6. You get physically angry at the name Joffrey
  7. We all wants to be Daenerys with her kick ass hair. Not to mention how many timeswe've all looked up on Pinterest for a tutorial on how to do her hairstyles.
  8. We celebrate every time to watch an episode and our favourite character has survived

With the last series leaving us on such a cliff hanger, the new series is highly anticipated and I hope it's worth the wait. It's gonna be a total game changer in our household; both me and G have read the books and it's rumoured that the series will overtake the books so we're even more excited and nervous.

The new series starts in the UK tomorrow (13th April 2015) on Sky Atlantic. If you aren't a Sky customer, you can get Now TV for £6.99 a month to watch the new episodes. Me and G seriously cannot wait!


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